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Freedom Informant Network Closes

February 8, 2015

It saddens me to say that as of today, February 4, 2015, will be no more. After a year on this domain and 7 years of working on FIN, I have decided to close the doors on the website due to financial reasons and a few other reasons I will explain momentarily. I will continue to run the facebook page and may even continue productions in the future but as it stands currently, I will no longer be running a website.

I cannot express how much this pains me to do – more so than I even expected. I put a lot of work into the website and I know that many enjoyed the information featured there. Over the course of the past few months I have had a growing inner-conflict on the matter. I saw how much work I was putting into the project and how little action the general public was willing to get involved in.

After years of effort in this area of focus, it becomes quite discouraging when it gets to the point where it feels like nobody really cares enough to get active and involved in events, protests and the like through the many attempts by myself and those who have been involved with FIN over the years to get people engaged in addressing matters much less letting their voices be heard. While I know there are many out there who are extremely dedicated, it seems we are few in comparison.

My fight has not ended by any means. Frankly, it’s all I have left. I’ve seen the belly of the beast first-hand through everyday life, my time in active military service and throughout my experiences in activism. I’ve seen my exercise of constitutional rights bring great resistance from government entities who felt it necessary to send federal agents to my home for simply organizing protests, website attacks that traced back to military installations right here in the US and even threats directly from the VA for calling out their absurd, unjust practices. No, my work is far from over. I simply feel it’s time to move on in approach.

I have recently began discussions with Mr. Justin King at The Anti-Media and hope to get involved in some upcoming projects as well as picking up writing myself once again. I will be sure to provide updates right here on this page along with continued posts as I have been doing, just without a website of my own.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and the appreciation I have received for my work and efforts. It’s humbling to know my work has not gone unnoticed and even greatly appreciated by many. As I said before, my work will continue. I look forward to any future opportunities that may be presented and our continued discussions right here on this page.

Lee Daiber

-FIN Creator/Admin

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