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Pharma Koma

September 1, 2014

So a friend in the pharmaceutical industry has left his extremely well paid job.

Because, he says,

‘They have state of the art equipment, you can call up any molecule on their computer system and synthesise it. The major problem is not the equipment but the marketing dept who have some weight in the decision making behind what should be researched and produced. It is they, who in their infinite wisdom, hold back amazing plans for what could become breakthroughs in certain areas of medicine and put profits before life. I couldn’t work in that environment so I left.’

I understand the need for a business to make money in order to improve techniques and equipment but it has got to the stage where common sense and decency has turned on its head.

Indeed it is now a reality that profit and gain has become more important than the self preservation of humanity as a whole.

So, we have 21st century Star Trek like scientific equipment with the ability to create magic held back by a 20th century economic institution.

The money may be keeping us all going and oiling the wheels for now but it is also holding back great advancements for all civilisation while lining the pocket and research budgets of technology we may never see. (if tptb have their way.)

I am not a die hard trekkie but It’s high time we adopted some of the well considered logical, sensible traits of that fiction which in parts is slowly becoming fact (minus the teleportation.)

How about a world without the need for money, instead of following Huxley and Orwell’s nightmare vision of the future which it seems is being used more as a blueprint for the centuries to come.

How do we get there?

I don’t know. It will come about of itself if and when the time and humanity is right I guess.


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