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If Earth was a tribe of 100

September 1, 2014

If Earth was just a tribe of 100 we would have:

1 telling us another tribe is trying to kill them and getting 5 to attack ‘outsiders.’
1 trying to kill members of its own tribe with unnecessary poison.
1 controlling the money supply, making the rest indebted to him/her.
1 accumulating info on the other 99 to use against them if necessary.
1 telling everyone their god is not happy with them, instructing 15 to behead the other 84.
1 telling everyone that the other ones god is false and that theirs is the way.
1 telling everyone to go their own way and 99 not listening
1 who believes in nothing
5 who want to destroy everything
5 who want to protect everyone and everything
1 who only believes what they see
1 who see’s there is more than one believes

and 60 who just want to be left in peace and harmony, without wishing to harm or impose their will on another.

Some who are thirsty for knowledge and some who are happy to be told.

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