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Materialism Damages Mirror Neuron Activity

April 10, 2014

For your deliberation and the thoughtful comments therein

People with an upper socioeconomic status or background tend to be less engaged in conversations.

In a Berkeley study where two participants were filmed while having a conversation, the participants of the higher socioeconomic status or background displayed more disengagement behaviors, such as fiddling with things, not making eye contact or doodling.

People of a lower socioeconomic status or background were more likely to make eye contact, smile and nod or otherwise engage in the conversation. The disparity was so great that even objective viewers later could guess participants’ socioeconomic background by their body language.

The relevant point about religion is its practical value to the brain and genetics.  Stripped of dogma, all religions share a basic premise of living a life in accordance with certain basic principles, with the aim of reaching a higher and far more rewarding level of existence.  The idea that the brain needs to have…

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