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Shell SHOCK, PTSD and the Future

March 18, 2014

Happy New Year, yes I know it’s late but whose reading this anyway…    = )

[Before I start, This is all conjecture and as always the links to your right >>> (or down at the end for those on mobiles) are filled with information and some with brevity to alleviate your beleaguered soul on this epic journey you had no part in starting but are required to see through to the end… ]

I don’t know if it’s because life in my immediate vicinity has gotten extremely erratic or if it’s a phenomenon being experienced by more than most. So much is happening everywhere, 24/7 and we are more connected to it than ever before.

It is hard to escape the torrent of emotions, opinion and personal experiences of all types of humans being.

It wouldn’t be far from the truth to believe that we are all suffering varying levels of what was once described as Shell Shock now softened descriptively as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which doesn’t lessen it’s debilitating effects at all.
The fact this condition was once only to ascribed to people suffering from the effects of war goes to show how easy it is to underestimate or disregard the effects of current civilian life.

(As an an aside Carlin puts it best when describing the semantic BS behind this.)

(As a double aside an interesting look at studies garnered from those suffering with Shell Shock in WWI)

It’s also easy to believe that there is an overall agenda, doesn’t it strike you funny that a lot of the decisions being made make no sense but just keep on happening?
If you wanted to do such a thing then it would take immense amounts of preparation and precise planning. A handful of hideously wealthy individuals in key positions around the planet and in the major governance centres of the World and there you have it. But what is the overall point to it all? Is there a point or is it just a circumstance of the human condition? What is the final outcome they wish to see? What is the thinking behind it? Is it Benevolent or Malevolent?

There is a war that is waging in the minds of everyone unbeknown to many but ever more clearly to growing numbers. The recently departed Tony Benn puts it quite succinctly:

‘I’m old now and the older I get the more I realise every single generation has to fight the same battles again, again and again. There is no final victory and no final defeat. It is very important to keep optimism. I think progress is being made by two flames that have always been burning in the human heart, the flame of anger against injustice and the flame of hope that we can build a better world.’

Starting to feel like Neo talking to the Architect yet?

The war on our minds gives us two paths to choose from, carry on with the program (wherever that may lead) or take the path less travelled the latter being the loneliest, although not as lonely as it may have once been. There are many other journey men and women finding their own solutions.  Some of these solutions may be of a practical kind and some may just be a total or partial change of mindset and sometimes a change of mindset is just enough, to look at your surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes, your place in the organised chaos of it all and a better understanding (if not complete) of what is going on to give you at least a fighting chance of coping with the myriad of outcomes.

While we slog away in our lifetimes the ever present Technological Singularity and increasingly apparent Future Shock Syndrome gathers pace putting pressure on our nervous systemsFuture_shock. You may find yourself surrounded by people demonstrating erratic behaviour or being seemingly detached from the madness and not engaging in any meaningful discussion. If you can survive on the superficial then all well and good for you but there are those that would rather be a little more informed asking the inconvenient questions about the societies in which we live and have a more intimate knowledge of the people and organisations who have a direct affect our lives and the ability to live them.

To have an opinion without researching some well sourced facts yourself is daft, to have an opinion on someone else’s opinion without doing some research yourself is equally daft but to denounce everything you come across that seems alien to you because it wasn’t fed to you from the mainstream is  just sticking your head in the sand and being cowardly plus it’s a little insane.

To teach your child to accept the current paradigm doubly so.

It isn’t in what they say it is in what they do.

Always listen and look, especially to your Elders, Always question the Status Quo

~If life is a joke, Make it a good one


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