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May 18, 2013

Now I am all for freedom of speech regardless of the angle but yesterday for the first time I came across restriction of that freedom.

Being the understanding human that I am I can understand where they are coming from (at a push) but considering the remark I made in the description before posting the images up I felt it justified where I was coming from.

It went along the lines of…

‘We do not condone or promote Fascist Dictatorships, Nazis, Neo-Nazis or any of the behaviour, thoughts and inclinations of said movements.’

The images in question I will post in a moment for your edification and maybe, just maybe you might agree with Zazzle’s decision to pull them.

But. In my mind (whatever that may construe) at no time in history has it ever been safe to rest on ones laurels, one must always remain vigilant in ones environment to the machinations of Governments and its peoples, crowd-think and following suit are not an option if those actions have such terrifying and debilitating effects on the society it tries to contain.

The images were not promoting the movement but instead were a warning against it (the strap line explained as much.)

Whether or not you agree that such a threat exists, if left unchecked I believe it is always ready to rear its ugly head.

Humans are ever evolving, there are many (and I strongly disagree with them) that believe Humans will always behave this way. There are many still, living within the constraints of these backward thinking Governments and Societies that understand we are interconnected and all require the one thing that sustains us and that, aside from the Sun is Earth.

So after my babbling (I just had to get it off my chest and where better to do it than here, I thank you for your patience) here are the offending images that didn’t quite cut it with Zazzle.

homeland security WP EUROPEAN UNION WP

They left me with one piece that fitted within the T&C’s of the Zazzle Empire, I’m quite happy with it and without the slightest hint of irony I present you with what they left me…  this

What does it mean?

Before you go! I feel it is necessary to bring this up about the ‘swastika‘.

A symbol that was hijacked by Hitler and his Nazi party must be reclaimed!

Although it has been used here to reflect something recognisable in the current mindset it is very important to understand  what the symbology once meant in the hearts and minds of our ancestors.

Peace be with you.

In LaKesh

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