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Judge arrested at Wirral Court

March 7, 2011

Protestors have “civilly arrested” a judge at Birkenhead county court using Magna Carta.

This was broadcast live by TPUC FM via TNS Radio

One of the protestors who had travelled up for the demonstration from Coventry said: “The purpose of today is to generally to get a feel of how unsatisfied people are with the governing of the country.

“I wouldn’t say I was angry, just dissatisfied. I believe that the power is distributed is unfairly at this point in time.

“I believe that the people who are in control are morally defunct.

“I don’t think they are serving the interests of those they are supposed to be serving. I’m not suggesting that I could do it any better, or anything like, that I’m just saying it could be done better.”

Freeman Society Blog

The Wirral Globe

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