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Sir Philip Green says Government waste ‘shocking’

October 12, 2010

See the video

It’s a wonder we got this far.

You know, I am always gobsmacked right in the mushki at how apathetic we all are in this country.

I listen to people grumbling all day, every day about this and that and doing nothing at all about it.

We deserve everything we get if we sit back and do nothing. I don’t mean protesting, that achieves very little especially when the nutters looking for a fight turn up.

Active participation in the incumbent bureaucracy is the only way and that means making NOISES.    LOUD NOISES. LOUD COMPREHENDABLE, SUCCINCT, ELOQUENT NOISES!

Start writing letters to the movers and shakers. Get it off your chest. Everything you hear yourself moaning about get it down on paper or your chosen app and send the bloody thing post marked.

Then.  Write more. Keep badgering those that hold the reigns.

Nothing ever got done by doing nothing.

That is the end of this rant.

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