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£400,000 FOR A LOGO!?

April 5, 2010

I know its old news but this still riles me!

£400,000 Sterling! (not that sterling is all its cracked up to be these days. In fact, while I’m on the subject WHERE pray tell did the word Sterling go? I ‘ll give you five pounds (of something) if you can find it on any English note!!!)

Fuck my old boots and Hells Teeth! Who, what, why and more importantly How!?

I veritably pissed my pants. And then again on another occasion when I saw this >

On my travels and being a lover of all esoteric musings and conspiracies I stumbled across yet another thought provoking bastardisation of a fucking half arsed logo.

Have a read if you can be bothered, look up Zion and all the angles on this story. You couldn’t make it up….  or could you?

Read all about it!

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