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April 2, 2010

Come on! Now it’s the other way round?

Surely science was agreeing about facts!? Opposing views all the way down the line baby!

Fry up’s bad, cornflakes good…

Following excerpt from wikipedia so take it as you will…

The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge, known simply as the Royal Society is arguably the oldest such society in existence.Founded in November 1660, it was granted a Royal Charter by King Charles II as the “Royal Society of London“. The Society was initially an extension of the “Invisible College“, with the founders intending for it to be a place of research and discussion. The Society today acts as a scientific advisor to Her Majesty’s Government, receiving a grant-in-aid from them, funding a variety of research fellowships and scientific start-up companies and acting as the United Kingdom’s Academy of Sciences.

and more importantly…

Nullius in Verba,   [on the word of no one] –  The Royal Society Motto

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